The E4 is a water-free cleaning system, meaning that your site not only avoids the cost of water, but also the infrastructure that supports it, be it tanker trucks, storage containers, hoses and piping.  The E4 removes 99% of soiling on a daily basis using a combination of three factors: A special microfiber that gently wipes soiling away, controlled airflow over the panel surface, and gravity to ensure soiling is moved downwards and off panel rows.


To ensure that the E4 has the flexibility to respond to sudden weather events means not being reliant on external energy sources. That’s why we’ve designed the E4 to have their own on-board dedicated solar module, allowing the batteries to get quickly charged every morning. A patented eco hybrid technology developed to facilitate a minimal use of the batteries.


With the E4 we’re building a new paradigm to how utility PV sites are maintained. The E4 doesn’t just clean – it’s a smart, sensor-enabled and internet-connected autonomous maintenance solution.  Sensors collect weather data, and initiate cleanings based on weather conditions. Machine-learning works to optimize the E4’s own maintenance schedule – ensuring that the E4 has over 99% availability for the lifetime of your site.


Monitor and manage your site’s E4 fleet from anywhere in the world via our remote management platforms, where you can initiate cleanings, change schedules, look at historical statistics or drill down into the function of single robots.  Management is further enhanced by a simple SMS interface, allowing you to send commands and receive status updates from your mobile phone.



Ecoppia is committed to providing site owners and developers with a total solution that delivers peace of mind with regards to how solar sites are kept clean, going beyond supplying the E4 and includes:

Early Design Involvement:

Incorporating the E4 into the site can start as early as at the design phase in order to optimize the business case. Ecoppia works with the developers and EPC companies to provide the most cost-efficient design and layout, ensuring that sites are Ecoppia compliant and deliver the highest value through the project lifetime.


Deployment is carried out by Ecoppia staff and certified technicians to ensure proper installation and ensure no damage to existing panels and infrastructure or interference with electricity generation.

Operations & Maintenance:

Ecoppia provides full predictive and corrective maintenance services for the E4 system through the lifetime of the PV site, and is committed to the highest service availability and rigorous SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Monitoring and reports:

As an integral part of the service, Ecoppia provides its customers monthly, quarterly and annual reporting covering all data related to cleaning performance, maintenance work performed or required and any outstanding issues.


Ecoppia has made it a strategic priority to use tier-1 parts suppliers from around the world to ensure a strong and robust product that is built to last and tested to stand up to the harshest environmental conditions, including high heat, dust and sand, rain, and lightening.
The E4 robots are manufactured at a state-of-the art production facility in India with a world leader OEM partner


The Ecoppia E4 is the only robotic cleaning solution trusted and fully certified by leading manufacturers, independent laboratories and financial institutions for being an effective solution that won’t damage panels or impact warranties


Leading independent laboratories:

World-renowned independent authority PI-Berlin performed rigorous stress and destruction tests on the E4 using dozen of the world’s leading panels.  Results were unanimous across the board in showing no power degradation and no change in electroluminescence of panels after 40 years of daily cleaning and over 45 dust storms a year in acceleration test


Panel Manufacturers Certification:

Ecoppia granted certifications from the leading module makers in the industry, ensuring that the E4 can safely be installed on their panels at any site without impact to the factory warranty.

Additional certifications are underway, with the aim of ensuring Ecoppia’s market–wide compliance with the stringent standards of all major panel manufacturers.


The Company’s broad intellectual property covers the solution, method and design of the water-free robotic solution, and reflects its exceptional capability to design the most advanced and innovative system ensuring continuously dust free solar panels

The company’s extensive IP portfolio includes 100s of claims and exclusive patent barriers in numerous areas. Majority of the core IP has already been granted with priority dates starting May of 2012