We are celebrating those outstanding determined women in Ecoppia who shouldered our growth with equal passion and devotion

This International Women’s Day, we want to share with you the exciting journey and stories behind some of our inspiring women who made a difference in our organization’s success.


Meet Yael Gurewitz: V&V Engineer and Developer from our R&D department.

Yael has been a part of the Ecoppia family for almost 2 years and has contributed to the success of Ecoppia’s T4 solution, making sure the product runs smoothly and easily.

She was one of the first engineers to test and implement the T4 including developing internal tools and testing protocols.

Yael joined Ecoppia after 9 years as a computer and math teacher, teaching students with special needs and challenges. Yael started out in Ecoppia with no practical experience and worked her way on being one of the leading V&V engineers at Ecoppia.  Her inspiring shift to engineering came after she wanted to do something for herself.

“I find clarity in engineering. Although I work in a high paced environment, constantly growing and changing, I love my job and what I do, it’s my hobby”

Meet Shaily Malik: Finance Manager (India branch) from our Finance department. 


Shaily started at Ecoppia almost 3 years ago, after working at KPMG and other accounting firms. She graduated top of her class and was ranked as top 50 at ’The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India’. As a key member in the Finance department, she is responsible for managing all the accounting activities in India, suppliers, and finance operations.

Shaily’s love for numbers was the reason she was drawn to the accounting profession, although she thought of other career directions, her strong analytical skills tipped the scales towards finance. 

“We need to improve the way we see gender equality. I see how often in different areas in India it is not the case and I’m glad to be a part of a company that sees it as an important value”         

Meet Batia Kwintner: Quality Assurance Manager and Knowledge transfer from our Operations department.

Batia started at Ecoppia way back in its early days in 2013. Her passion for understanding exactly how everything works and feels led her straight to the core of Ecoppia’s robust operations and deployment. 

Batia’s strong technical side helped improve the mechanical infrastructure of Ecoppia’s E4 including deploying on-site Ecoppia’s first solar site in Ketura.
Her love for mechanics didn’t start an Ecoppia, Batia started off as a graphic designer. After working a few years in the field, she felt like she needed something more tangible and so she became a carpenter creating amazing furniture and artwork. 

” To me, my job is a different form of creation. Working at a company that is growing rapidly excites and intrigues me. I can do anything here – that is what I love the most”