Delivering more energy,        more efficiently. 

Ecoppia’s Robotic Solar Cleaning Solution

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Ensuring consistent and optimal photovoltaic panel performance


  • Daily cleaning
    removes 99% of dust

    Keeping the solar panels at optimal production 24/7/365
  • Unique water-free solution 

    Using soft microfiber and controlled air flow
  • Fully automated system

    Delivering consistent cleaning with remote connectivity and real time analytics
  • Energy independent

    Solar-powered, no external energy source required

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When installing Ecoppia’s solution, you can expect an Annual Value Creation of:

This calculation is based on the estimated
increase in site energy production and reduction in O&M costs

* Based on weather conditions common to the southwestern USA in terms of aridity and dust storm prevalence
Innovative products like those from Ecoppia are key to bringing solar energy to grid parity. By raising solar field output with zero environmental impact, Ecoppia helps make green energy even greener

Yosef Abramowitz,
Environmentalist, educator and human rights activist.
Named by CNN as one of the top six Green Pioneers worldwide and a 3 -time Nobel Peace Prize nominee
  • Field-proven Already commercially operational in harsh desert arrays

  • Built to last System components from top-tier vendors 

  • Certified By leading panel manufacturers

  • INDEPENDENTLY-VERIFIEDIn rigorous testing by world-renowned PI Berlin, Ecoppia showed no impact on panels after 20 years of daily use