The energy to make an impact

Nowadays, advanced new technologies are impacting energy production like never before,  and advanced, sustainable O&M practices are proven as key Enabler for profitability.


Founded in 2013, Ecoppia is the pioneer and world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for PV, offering a cloud-based platform and a suite of advanced, fully autonomous robots cost-effectively maximizing the performance of utility-scale PV sites all over the world.   


For over a decade, our outstanding team of engineers, programmers, electrical and communication experts, and machine learning professionals bring to the market the most safe and reliable robotic solutions, designed to meet any challenge and requirement, supported by O&M experts.


Eco-Ops. Ltd., led by Ecoppia management members, acquired Ecoppia in 2024, providing operational services to solar projects around the globe, utilizing unparalleled experience gained in 10 years of operational excellence, and continues to offer the widest offering of fully autonomous robotic cleaning solutions in the market.

An ever growing global leader



Patents fully granted
Signed agreements


Utility scale projects
Panels cleaned






liters of water saved


"startAtNumber": 6200000000,

"numOfPanels": 4000,

"panelSize": 2300,

"waterLitersAmount": 2,

"cleanedPerYear": 12


our vision & mission

Since its inception, Ecoppia has always aimed to enable profitability of large scale solar projects. We are extremely proud that through our determination, uncanny human capital, teamwork and collaboration with the main players in the field, we have positioned ourselves as the world’s leading technology in robotic cleaning solutions for PV solar maintenance.  


Driven by our vision to enable fully autonomous solar sites, our mission is to enable solar PV sites developers around the world to maximize the productivity of their solar assets, with robotic and data-driven technologies. 

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. For Ecoppia, it is paramount to devote our activities and innovation to make renewable energy greener, complying with the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN.

Certified for Quality and Control

Our offices, research & development centers as well as our state-of-the-art assembly line are fully certified by the highest standards of quality and control, to provide excellency across all verticals of our business.



The Ecoppia management team brings broad and multidisciplinary experience with proven track records in engineering, operations and management.


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