Delivering Peak Panel Performance

At the forefront of automation, Ecoppia offers a suite of robust, reliable and field proven robotic solutions that optimize performance while cutting operational costs

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Robotic solution for fixed tilt installations

Ecoppia’s robust E4 robot for fixed tilt solar installations can clean up to 1,000 modules in a single nightly operation. Using powerful yet soft microfiber and controlled airflow, the E4 moves dust particles downwards and off the panels. Moving along a rigid frame, the E4 adds no load to the panel surface, and has been proven to be fully safe on both panels and Anti Reflective Coating (ARC)

  • Supports tilt of 5-35 degrees
  • Compatible with all structures and modules
  • “Floats” above the array
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Robotic solution for Single Axis Trackers

For Single Axis Tracker installations, the lightweight Ecoppia T4 robots smartly remove panel soiling by using a soft microfiber and controlled airflow while the tracker is in stow position, navigating an optimized path. The fully autonomous robot can independently travel to neighboring trackers over dedicated bridges, leveraging integral sensors
  • Lightweight robot
  • Compatible with all trackers and modules
  • Rapid deployment
  • Requires no railing
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Unmatched Commitment to Our Customers

The Ecoppia Professional Services team supports our customers during the entire project lifetime. We offer an all-inclusive 25-year warranty for our installations, and deliver a wide range of services starting from early stage of design:

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V shape Commissioning
V shape Maintenance
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Optimizing site design to minimize investment


Tight interaction with developers, EPCs and structure provider teams



Configuration and installation of all robots on site


SCADA training for system monitoring and service analysis

Acceptance test

Final QA cycle on site


Predictive maintenance

Pre-scheduled maintenance windows and advanced predictive maintenance ensure constant availability

Corrective maintenance

Rigorous SLA providing immediate response

Monitoring and analysis

System performance

Monitoring of system components

Weather intelligence

Collection and evaluation of forecasted and real time weather data

Machine learning

Constant service enhancement using sophisticated algorithms

Reports and analytics

Analytics via dedicated interface