Ecoppia is the pioneer and market leader in connected, AI and data-driven autonomous solar panel cleaning. For fixed tilt or single axis tracker installations, Ecoppia is a new paradigm in utility PV site operations and maintenance lowering the LCOE

Cloud-based platform

Our cloud-based platform enables scalable and remote management via any connected device. Smart, sensor-enabled and internet-connected, the Ecoppia AI platform can independently initiate cleanings based on weather conditions and other parameters, while using machine learning to optimize maintenance schedules and cleaning

Powered by big data

With over 2.4 billion panels cleaned over nearly 2,400MW of deployments worldwide – Ecoppia’s smart connected robots, together with an array of sensors, harvest billions of data points every day. Using powerful deep learning and advanced analytical tools, Ecoppia translates this flood of data into actionable operational insights that facilitate AI-driven solar site management

Predictive maintenance

Detecting and analyzing every aspect of robot behavior throughout the day, the Ecoppia AI platform features a sophisticated predictive maintenance mechanism enabling repair of components ahead of time, keeping the highest availability rates in the industry and unmatched reliability

Fully autonomous solutions


Ecoppia robots remove over 99% of soiling on a nightly basis using a completely water-free cleaning technology that is both eco-friendly and cost effective

Energy independent

Ecoppia robots have their own on-board dedicated solar module, allowing batteries to quickly charge in between operations


Fully autonomous, Ecoppia robots self-clean their on-board solar panel and the cleaning microfiber elements

Robust and Resilient

Ecoppia engages with tier-1 parts suppliers from around the world to ensure strong and robust products that are built to last. Our solutions' components are tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions - extreme temperatures, high winds, massive soiling and lightning

Trusted and Certified

Ecoppia is fully certified by leading market players as an effective, reliable, safe solution that won’t damage panels or impact warranties

Leading independent labs

Dozens of acceleration tests performed, resulting in no power degradation, no change in electroluminescence and no microcracks

Panel manufacturers

Certifications from the leading module makers in the industry, ensuring Ecoppia's solutions can safely be installed on their panels without impacting the factory warranty

Trackers and structure providers

Load testing and collaboration to ensure compliancy and cost effectiveness

Financial institutions

Fully bankable technology, Ecoppia robotic systems have been evaluated and certified by numerous banks and financial institutions

Intellectual Property

Ecoppia’s broad intellectual property portfolio covers the solution, method and design of the water-free robotic system and includes 100s of claims and exclusive patent barriers in numerous areas