Ecoppia is the pioneer and market leader in connected, AI and data-driven autonomous solar panel cleaning. 


For fixed tilt, seasonal tilt or single axis tracker installations, Ecoppia is a beacon of innovation and lead on technology-driven solutions for solar O&M in utility-scale PV, lowering the LCOE (Levelized Cost Of Energy). 




The core of Ecoppia’s technological supremacy is treating safety and reliability as a priority. Top-notch components selection by leading certified vendors, unmatched quality assurance program, state of the art assembly line, and in-house developed tailor-made elements best addressing the field challenges and providing unparallel reliability in solar panel maintenance. The hardware, software, communication architecture and cloud management – all were proven to be safe and reliable on the field in projects across the globe for over a decade.  



With deep learning and advanced analytical tools, Ecoppia translates the flood of data received from the PV site into actionable operational insights provided to the client through customized dashboards. Which are provided using our state-ot-the-art cloud-based servers and Ecoppia's AI - being able to overcome obstructions, delivering tera bytes of readings.  



Monitoring the robots’ status and behavior and creating a profile of relative and comparative health, allow Ecoppia to prevent potential malfunctions and disruptions in the service provided. As a result of years of experience and a deep understanding of the solar panel robot market's needs, we have developed a smart operation based on BI, which is powered by a multitude of high-end sensors and smart data. This sophisticated predictive maintenance mechanism provides us with the highest availability rates in the industry, delivering smooth and continued cleaning operation year-round. 


Ecoppia robots efficiently remove soiling on a nightly basis using a completely water-free cleaning technology that is both eco-friendly and cost effective
Ecoppia robots have their own on-board dedicated solar module, allowing batteries to quickly charge in between operations
Fully autonomous, Ecoppia robots self-clean their on-board solar panel and the cleaning microfiber elements
Initiation or cancellation of cleaning can be done remotely by designated and authorized users. Alerts and notifications on abnormal behavior are received in real time for remote fix


With more than 50 granted patents covering the integrity of Ecoppia’s solution, method and design, the company cements its position as a leading and innovative technology company in the PV sector and robotics as a whole.

Safe and Reliable

Ecoppia’s solutions are fully certified by leading independent laboratories and market players, in order to provide the safest service in the industry.
Ecoppia’s unmatched experience cleaning millions of modules nightly in the most challenging environments, demonstrate its key focus on the safety and reliability of its solutions.

Dozens of acceleration test performed resulting in no power degradation, damage to the ARC, change in electroluminescence or microcracks.

Certifications from the leading module makers in the industry, ensuring Ecoppia's solutions can safely be installed on their panels without impacting their warranty.

Load testing and collaboration to ensure compliancy and cost effectiveness.

Fully bankable technology, Ecoppia robotic systems have been evaluated and certified by numerous banks and financial institutions.