13 May, 2019

Shikun & Binui Energy's 120MW Solar Site Added To Ecoppia's Middle Eastern Deployment Portfolio

Rollout of water-free robotic solar panel cleaning solution in one of the Middle East’s largest solar projects reinforces company’s regional leadership and joins a growing list of successful worldwide deployments
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28 March, 2019

Ecoppia Launches Dedicated Robotic Cleaning Solution For Single Axis Trackers

With over 500 million solar panels cleaned worldwide to date, company launches newest autonomous, water-free solar panel cleaning system, with first deployment in the Middle East already underway
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06 August, 2018

Ecoppia To Deploy Its Cloud-based Robotic Cleaning Solution Over Additional 325 MW In India

Ecoppia announced today an agreement for deploying its E4 robotic system in a 325MW site, developed by Sprng Energy in REWA solar park in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.
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Case study: Engie's 190 MW site in Rajasthan, India
Ecoppia T4 for Single Axis Trackers sites
Ecoppia E4 robotic solution for solar sites with fixed tilt
The water / electricity nexus in the solar industry


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy asks developers to use robotics for efficient use of water in solar projects

6 June, 2019
MNRE has issued a letter recommending efficient utilization of water for cleaning utility-scale solar projects.
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Effects of soiling on PV modules in the Atacama Desert, Chile

17 September, 2018
Soiling by dry deposition affects the power output of PV modules, especially under dry and arid condition such as in the Atacama Desert, Chile.
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The science of soil

13 January, 2018
Soiling and solar: No two solar plants are ever the same, and the conditions that can impact energy yield can literally change with the wind. Soiled solar modules had long been considered a minor nuisance for the sector, but as understanding of how soiling affects output improves, so have techniques and technologies to tackle the persistent problem of dirty modules
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Power loss due to soiling on solar panel: A review

1 June, 2016
The environment is one of the contributing parameters which directly affect the PV performance. The authors review and evaluate key contributions to the understanding, performance effects, and mitigation of power loss due to soiling on a solar panel
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India’s solar dream: does the country have enough water?

10 March, 2015
Water constraints could hamper India’s solar development plans, particularly since the locations identified for large-scale solar PV parks are in water scarce regions
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India to face more droughts during 2020-2049: study

18 June, 2014
India is reeling under severe water crisis and rural distress as the country faced two consecutive deficient monsoon seasons in 2014 and 2015. But the worst is yet to come as more frequent drought monsoons are expected to come India’s way between 2020 and 2049, according to a scientific paper to be published in Current Science
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Measuring Soiling Losses at Utility-scale PV Power Plants.

1 June, 2014
Soiling monitoring data are indicative of actual power plant performance. We study soiling levels and rates alongside PV plant performance and demonstrate that soiling loss measurements correlate with actual power plant performance
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Is Anything Stopping a Truly Massive Build-Out of Desert Solar Power?

1 July, 2013
Dust is not transparent, so even just one gram of dust per square meter of solar panel area can reduce efficiency by around 40 percent
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American West Becoming Increasingly Dusty

12 June, 2013
The American West is becoming an increasingly dusty place: So-called “dust emissions”—including giant dust storms reminiscent of the Dust Bowl era—have increased in the past 17 years
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Impacts of Soiling on Utility-Scale PV System Performance

6 May, 2013
In the absence of significant rain events or regular cleaning, production losses due to soiling, also known as soiling losses, increase
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