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September 25, 2020

During the annual innovation session held today by the UN Global Compact, Mr. Meller spoke on one of the fascinating matters the solar industry is facing – How can we truly produce clean energy, that fully preserves the environment and our natural resources?

The UN Global Compact, launched in 2000, was initiated to bring business and the United Nations together to give a human face to the global market. Together with over 10,000 companies around the world the UN Global Compact is taking corporate sustainability from the fringes to the mainstream and uniting business for a better world.

Ecoppia joined the UN Global Compact as part of its ongoing mission to empower the solar industry, making green energy even greener. In accordance with the SDG, Ecoppia monitors sustainability metrics to ensure progress across its operations globally, directly impacting 10 out 0f 17 SDG goals.

Uniting Business LIVE is the opening mark of the UN’s  75th session held usually at the NY headquarters, yet due to Covid-19,  is held virtually.

This phenomenon event gathers leading Chief Executives, corporate sustainability experts, and business leaders from around the world in one mission- showcasing how business can transform business models and economies to become more just and inclusive, ensuring that no one is left behind.

“There is no doubt that solar energy is the solution.” Said Eran Meller at the conference. “Meanwhile, the fact remains that the vast majority of large-scale solar sites are geographically located in arid areas, enjoying the benefits of optimal radiation, however suffering from excessive soiling, dust storms, and a lack of water resources.”.

The speech revolved around the concept that solar projects today are growing into incomprehensible scales, makes manual cleaning an impossible solution to implement, as well as wasting such precious natural resource as water.

“Our obligation as a society is to provide humanity both energy and water. Making a radical change in the way nations and governments think requires a wider global vision which takes into account both green energy and precious water saving.  We cannot try to fix one problem by creating another. It is our obligation to ensure that solar energy should always seek the greener path.”

“What we offer at Ecoppia is an optimal combination of ensuring both peak solar energy production and saving precious water resources” added Mr. Meller. “Our water-free robots are also solar-powered themselves, and therefore do not consume any electricity, and remain fully autonomous with zero environmental footprints. Leading energy companies worldwide are now able to hold up to their environmental goals and social responsibilities, achieving zero water waste, and allowing governments and nations worldwide to scale up their solar production.”

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